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Pine Ridge Investor Network

The Background & Game Plan

Kyle and Nash met in Portland, Oregon where they live. Their wives became friends, so they got to talking and turns out they both love talking about real estate and believe in taking control of their own financial destiny. They always chat investing, markets, real estate etc. and one day decided to start Pine Ridge Capital. Pine Ridge Capital is a commercial real estate firm seeking capital appreciation & cashflow plays in the Pacific NW with superior risk adjusted returns.

Pine Ridge Capital partners with accredited and sophisticated investors with a pre-existing relationship. The goal is to generate passive cashflow/returns through a Syndication model. Kyle and Nash both plan to invest alongside the investor network. 


How a Syndication works? At Pine Ridge Capital they will do the work:

  1. Investigating and selecting markets

  2. Sourcing and underwriting the deals

  3. Selecting only the deals that provide competitive and worth while returns for our investors

  4. Providing information on each deal to our investors

  5. Raising funds from our network

  6. Acquiring the asset

  7. Operating and executing the business plan

  8. Making sure investors get paid and stay updated!

If you interested in joining the Pine Ridge Capital Investor Network please reach out to us so we can establish a relationship!

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